Welcome to Maes Mattress Ticking, the leading specialist in high-quality woven and knitted mattress tickings.

Thanks to their specific design, texture and finishing, and crafted with 80 years of know-how and experience, MMT tickings are perfectly suited for high-quality mattresses from the middle to the upper market sector.

Since its establishment, Maes Mattress Ticking has pursued a forward-looking strategy through major investments in new and high-technological production equipment.

MMT is proud to present a quality standard that is the highest available in the market, supported by a team of qualified engineers and skilled textile workers and paying a lot of attention to safety and the environment.

Building long-time relationships with its customers, Maes Mattress Ticking guarantees quality, creativity and service as well as certainty about the future, a philosophy which has won the company both the Bed Supplier of the Year award and the Interzum award for Intelligent Material & Design in 2011.

Belgian Damask

The term "Belgian Damask" synthesizes the core values of our company.

We are a high-end producer of woven and knitted mattress ticking, founded in 1926, still run and owned by the same family. Belgium is, from a historical point of view, known for its creative and prosperous textile industry. The roots of our people are very close connected with textiles. Our company, still 100% operational in the same Flemish village, has definitely contributed to the wellbeing of this area and its dynamic image. The knowhow built up after all these years guarantees an excellent quality of our fabrics destined for durable bedding.

Producing in Belgium obviously means producing according to the Belgian environmental legislation, one of the most severe in that domain. On top of that, it is a constant focus to produce with the greatest respect toward the environment of people and nature.

For example, we have a stand-alone water purification installation. As we are a vertical integrated company, we dye our own yarns before weaving or knitting and we finish our fabrics afterwards in house. Doing so, we need a lot of water. That water is taken from the canal "Bossuit-Kortrijk". Once we have used the water, we purify it to cleaner levels than before.

The location of our company and the deliberate choice to produce 100% in Belgium is part of our strategy for the following reasons. Because we emphasize a quick service toward our customers, we find it necessary to "live" amongst our customers. In addition, being close to them means a reduction of our carbon footprint to a minimum.

Finally, a very important issue is the fact that, by producing in Belgium, we contribute strongly to Belgian and (Western) European employment. It is known that producing in this part of the world means producing at one of the highest labor cost. Whereas many companies choose for cheap labor, we keep investing in human capital. Doing so, we contribute to our "affluent society".
However, as mentioned before, Belgium and its people are very close connected with textiles. Therefore, we are able to compensate the disadvantage of high labor cost by our productivity, efficiency and craftsmanship. As a result, we manage to offer a very flexible service to our customers.

We strongly believe that our economy, more than ever, is in need of industrial companies creating jobs and added value.

That is what Belgian damask by Maes Mattress Ticking stands for.


Through the years, Maes Mattress Ticking has grown into a modern and automated company with complete vertical integration.

First of all, the materials are carefully selected. We prefer to work with natural yarns like cotton, viscose, flax and wool to be able to fully enjoy the natural qualities of these yarns.

Before the weaving or knitting process can take off, MMT will first prepare and dye the yarns. After the weaving or knitting process, the fabrics are being 'enobled'. This means the fabrics are undergoing an additional treatment. Ultimately, the fabrics are subjected to a strict final inspection. Each and every meter is being checked and additional testing is being done in a laboratory. MMT is proud to present the highest quality standard in the market.

Vertical integration is the source of many benifits:

  • In the field of production, vertical integration does not only allow a great level of flexibility. The complete production process is in our own hands. It also allows us to execute an integrated and very strict quality control. Using an advanced ERP system, every step of the production process is accurately monitored.
  • MMT employs its own designers, who create new designs every day. That way, the company builds its own collection and allows for specific customer questions to be developed. The MMT designs exhale a strong personality.
  • The own dyeing division allows for the development of a unique gamma in colors. Of course, new trends are being followed and even guided.
  • In the final phase of the production process, the fabrics are being 'enobled'. This means additional value is being created. An extra feature or specific 'look' is being given to the fabric. For instance, the fabric can get a treatment that is flame retardant, can be made washable, or can get an anti-bacterial treatment. Other commercial treatments are also possible. The possibilities are very extensive.

The combination of these elements ensures the ongoing expansion of an extensive gamma for our clients and guarantee the innovative existence of Maes Mattress Ticking. The savoir-faire and the expertise built through the years has made Maes Mattres Ticking thé reference for high-quality tickings.

'Belgian Damask' intended for durable bedding.

Job Offers

Working together results in products with added value and customised solutions. A motivated and passionate collaboration, focusing on quality, leads to new insights and increasingly better solutions.

In MMT, everyone can contribute to the success of the company in their own way. Our company culture enables our employees to be the best they can be.

Every employee gets the opportunity to make the difference, acquiring responsibilities and the opportunity to grow. This way, everyone at MMT has a wide perspective on their own career.

MMT is constantly searching for qualified textile workers, both in the weaving, knitting, and finishing departments. Contact Els Vermeulen for more information.


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